Seasonal Changes

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102 Anti Kapha Syrup (Antma Syrup) Anti Kapha Syrup (Antma Syrup)

Lungs,throat and respiratory support


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186 Trikatu Trikatu

For Respiratory & Digestive Support. Balance vatta(air) and Kapha (water) dosha


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328 Licorice Licorice

For throat health


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340 Tulsi Tulsi

Immune health



462 Kantakari Powder Kantakari Powder

Supports Respiratory System


512 Tulsi Powder Tulsi Powder

 Immune support & spiritual uplift



518 Vasaka Powder Vasaka Powder

Tonic to respiratory and circulatory system



624 Sitopladi Churna Sitopladi Churna

Respiratory Support and helps in seasonal or weather changes.


810 Kapha Oil Kapha Oil

To balance kapha Dosha(water) and helps to clear nose