About Us

⦁    We are serving Ayurveda when very few people know about Ayurveda.
⦁    Fresh & seasonal herbs are sourced from wild forest, organic farmers, cooperative society.
⦁    When the raw material is of the finest quality, the product also comes out as the finest.
⦁    We use vegetarian capsule no binders no fillers just herbs.
⦁    Most of the extracts we use in capsules are Aqua based full spectrum extracts are called “Ghan” in Ayurveda.
⦁    Manual labor oriented manufacturing instead of industrial mass production.
⦁    Ultra cleaned, optimum potency.
⦁    We don’t procure any herb from fields near road sides due to prevention of chemicals and lead due to pollution.
⦁    Wild crafted & certified organic herbs.
⦁    Quality material with affordable price.
⦁    Sustainable farming trade.
⦁    Freshness with potency.