How to Shop

We welcome you at our for shopping with us. You would find that shopping is quite easier.

Unregistered New Customers

You are required to do the needful as detailed below:

Phase 1:

You are first required to register yourself on our website. You are required to fill in the basic details i.e. your name, address, etc. to become our registered valuable customers. Once you enter the required information, just click on the button "Create Account". In one click, you become our registered preferred customer enabling you to start your shopping.

Phase 2:

You aspire to search through the products on the website and select the product required by you. Just click on ‘Product Category’. With each product, the price of the product, brief description of the product, and the image of the product has been provided. You can browse through our products as per your convenience. We have also categorized our products as per the health topics. You can browse our products through the selected category of the given health topics if you are searching for the product/products for a particular health concern.

Phase 3:

When you find something you wish to purchase, add that item to your shopping cart by clicking on the button 'Buy Now'. When you click on this button, you will arrive at a page where you can confirm your order. NOTHING you are going to be charged simply by just adding an item to the list of your order. You are at liberty to change the volume/quantity of your order on this page. before clicking on the button 'Buy Now'.

N.B.: You are free to call at our telephone number {(213) 427 -3500(213) 427 -3500 FREE} in case you find any difficulty in getting yourself registered, in the search of the desired product and in shopping any of the products. You will find our customer care representative always at your service to provide you the necessary services.

For Registered Customers

If you are already our registered preferred customer, then you are required to just enter your Login Identification i.e. your username and password. You can enjoy your shopping with us after that. (You are free to change your username and password as and when you desire for the purpose of security although we always ensure that shopping through website is quite secured).

Order by Fax

You can place an order (along with your complete order information) by Fax to {(213) 383 3076}.

Order by Email

You can place an order (along with your complete order information) by Email to

We don’t accept Cash on Delivery based orders. Payment has to be made before the dispatch of the products.

Payment Options

International Users can use the option for making payment of the product/s ordered through use of Credit Cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, OR Pay pal and Pay Pal express Please note: If you pay by credit card or Pay Pal express your billing transaction will appear as 'Purchases made at us on your billing statements.

Payments through Personal Cheques

Execution of your order may get delayed to some extent as the dispatch of the ordered items commences immediately only after getting confirmation of the check cleared.


Prices on our website are exclusive of shipping charges or State taxes for California residents applicable @ 9% for California residents only.


Orders from our website are delivered quickly across the globe, by USPS (United States Postal Service). Here is how long we take to deliver:

Credit Card or Pay Pal Payment (for products in stock):

Within U.S.A. & Canada: 3 - 10 working days.
International: 7 - 30 working days.

(It varies from one nation to another nation due to different set of holidays and non-working days; destination and the local customs processing time.)

Cheque Payment (for products in stock):

Order will be dispatched after getting confirmation of the check cleared.

Within U.S.A. & Canada: 4 - 10 working days.
International: 7 - 30 working days.

(It varies from one nation to another nation due to different set of holidays and non-working days; destination and the local customs processing time.)

Please do not contact us about customs clearance in your country, as we have no control over customs delays.

Please note that if you cannot find the name of your country in our pull-down address menu – it means goods are NOT supplied by us to your country. This is because the country either has certain problems pertaining to customs delays and/or high incidences of credit card fraud.

We maintain a full inventory of products and over 90% of our orders are shipped on the next business day. If your product request is back-dated or we fear an unusual shipping delay due to any unavoidable reasons, we will promptly notify you via email or via phone.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and Handling Policy at aims to serve and supply our customers the best quality products at the least possible prices in an efficient and customer-friendly manner. Our Standard Shipping Fees include our normal basic packing and shipping costs. For the products in stock, the desired ordered products are shipped within 24 working hours of ordering; however in some orders it may take more than 48 hours to execute the order – it may be due to weekends, intervening holiday or for some other unspecified reasons. Shipping and Handling charges are $5.95 for the first product ordered and $1.00 for each additional product - for orders to be supplied within USA and Canada. And for the products to be supplied outside the United States; the charges are $12.95 for the first product and $2.00 for each additional product. As a buyer, it is your responsibility to pay for all shipping charges, taxes, duties or other customs fees assessed in your country. Please also check with your local customs authorities before placing the order that the items concerned can be imported legally in your country. Most of the orders are shipped via US Postal Service and UPS according to our discretion depending upon the shipping address, order details and on-time performance of the concerned courier company.

Express Shipping

We offer express UPS guaranteed services of one business day, two business days and three business days. Saturday is not included as a business day. Requests for an express service are handled on priority on the same business day provided the order is received before 1:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) otherwise the same will be processed on the next business day. The rates on these express services are calculated by the weight of the order and not as per the Standard Shipping Rates.

N.B.: Next-Day Delivery is available only in the continental US. Next-Day Delivery to Alaska and Hawai'i means an additional 1-2 days.

Wholesale Minimum Order

A wholesale order must be for a minimum of $50.00. All new wholesale accounts must provide a photocopy of their Resale License and Business License. The business must be related to the health care industry. We reserve the right to deny affiliation to those wholesalers who do not fulfill the mandatory requirements.

Products Not in Stock

You will be informed at the time you place your order if the desired product or any item of the order placed is out of stock. You are requested to reorder the out of stock item on a future date.

Price Modifications

Prices of the products are subject to change any time due to various reasons. We reserve the rights to alter the wholesale as well as retail price without any prior intimation.

Right of Refusal

We reserve the right to refuse or deny any of our products or services at any time without any Prior notification.

Lost and Returned Packages

Items lost in shipment will NOT BE replaced or refunded by us. The customers are to contact the courier company in such a case. In case of non-clearance by the customs officials of your country if the products are returned intact to we will make refund strictly as per our Return Policy i.e. your original order amount (less shipping and handling charges and a 15% restocking fee).

Return Policy

At we naturally have a feeling of inner pride on delivery of the highest quality herbal products at the lowest possible prices to our clients. The moment our customer places order for our products, we take necessary action to distribute those products to the customer's door steps at the earliest possible and even after distribution of those products we earnestly wish to ensure that our clients are using those products to their fullest satisfaction and they get full value for the money.

Terms and Conditions of Return

  1. Those of the products which have neither been opened nor used by the customer can be returned by the customer within 30 days from the date of purchase in order to receive the appropriate refund after necessary adjustments.
  2. The return of the product shall be acceptable ONLY within 30 days of receipt of the product by the client and not later than that whatsoever may be the circumstances.
  3. Due to re-stocking of the products the customer shall have to bear 15% deduction of the product price paid by the customer.
  4. Besides the above-mentioned 15% deduction, there shall not be any refund whatsoever for the shipping and handling charges borne by us i.e. the cost of shipping and handling charges borne by us shall be deducted out of the refund amount to be paid to the customer.
  5. Products returned in original sealed packaging without tempering of the seal to use the products, the customer will receive a credit voucher/payment refund. The amount of this credit voucher shall be after making deduction of 15% out of the total amount of order value of the customer; deduction being as re-stocking fee. Out of the amount so arrived after 15% deduction, the whole amount of shipping and handling charges borne by us shall be reduced and the credit voucher due to the client shall be issued accordingly for the amount thus arrived.
  6. The products returned by the customer must accompany with the original packing slip, the bill in original issued by us, the serial number and date of the order placed by the customer, besides the full name of the customer so that there could be appropriate matching of the product returned with the product originally sold by us.
  7. In case of the products opened by the customer (or damaged seal product/products), the client will receive a maximum of 50% credit of the ordered value, (that also we will accept only one open bottle for each product out of each container sent and nothing more than that); and this 50% credit shall be subject to the deductions of 15% and shipping and handling charges mentioned above in detail.
  8. Customers are humbly advised that they must ensure that the products being returned are properly packaged. They must either buy the insurance cover for the return package or use the delivery confirmation service for the packet being returned. If the product is damaged when it comes back to us, we will neither legally nor morally shall be in a position to give you any amount of credit whatsoever.
  9. A maximum of three business days are taken by us after the receipt of returned goods for the refund action to be processed. Refunds/Credit vouchers are made for the very same credit card through which the payment was paid to us by the client or any other payment method adopted by the customer while making the payment.
  10. The return of the product must be sent to the address mentioned for this purpose at our website
  11. Until the returned product reaches our warehouse no refunds will be issued. Our accounts department initiates action for the refund ONLY after confirmation of receipt of the inward return.

N.B[i]:In case our customer receives a different product than the product ordered, or the product reaches them in a damaged state, then the customer must contact us through email/phone immediately after receiving your order.

N.B[ii]: In case of the raw herbs and raw herb powder, herbal mix powder, oil, etc. we are unable to offer our usual refund guarantee because of the unique and perishable nature of these type of ordered items.

Privacy Policy


When you open an account with us on our website we may require some relevant information from you so as to supply/provide our products to you and that is why we have to ask for the said information. The information you share with us will be kept Strictly Confidential and will be used ONLY at our company and that also to strengthen our customer relationship with you. We care for your right to privacy as much as you care for the same.


Any information whatsoever about YOURSELF or Your Valuable Orders and/or about the products you buy from us will neither be disclosed nor be shared with any outside individual, agency or organization for monetary gains. While promoting growth in the mutual communicative atmosphere to strengthen our future relationships, we always keep in our mind to have the secrecy and maintain the confidentiality of the personal information shared by you in good faith.

No Unethical Practices

We earnestly believe in ethical and fair business dealings with justifiable profits. No kind of disclosure/divulgence is made by us to any other company, agency or person or group of people with either personal reasons or for any commercial purpose or to earn money through immoral or unethical practices as regards the Personal & Confidential information of our valuable clients including their contact numbers, their call details, their postal addresses, the information about their credit/debit/ATM cards, their telephone and/or mobile numbers, their e-mail addresses or about products purchased by them from us in the present or in the past.

No Leakage of Information

We maintain safety and security to protect the information provided by you during the course of placement of orders or buying products at our site Under NO circumstances, whatsoever, we part with or leak the personal and confidential information shared with us by our valuable clients to any other organization or any individual or group of individuals. We reiterate that the information desired by us and provided by our invaluable customers is SOLELY utilized by us to honour the orders placed with us by our valuable clients and to supply them the desired products and for no other purposes.

Normal Method of Contacting

We normally contact our customers only via email for the confirmation of the orders placed by them with us. Shipping details with the relevant tracking number are also sent via e-mail only whether their products are being sent via UPS or USPS in order to ensure prompt and proper delivery of the products to be shipped through the United States Postal Service or commonly known as United Postal Service and the sincerity of efforts undertaken by us is to confirm the accuracy of your shipping address.

Phone Contact in Exigency

In case of failure of the verification process as regards the mailing address provided by you or any other relevant information related to the shipping and delivery of the products or in case of any exigency we may take steps to contact you to reaffirm either through phone or email or both.

Online Safety

The security of the information and privacy of our customers is very significant for us. We have already undertaken all the required steps pertaining to the safe transmission of information to us by utilizing the ultra-modern and the latest technology at our end so as to ensure a secure online system so that our clients can share the information without any hesitation as regards online sharing of the data while placing the orders.

How to Place Orders or to Make Payments?

Payments can be made by way of personal cheque or by way of Cashier Cheque or credit or debit card or money orders for the purchase orders placed with us through e-mail, telephone, internet and postal services. You are most welcome to visit our website in order to know how to contact us and to know about our products and how to buy them as per your convenience.