Quality Control

⦁    We have direct network, where we can procure fresh seasonal materials. When the raw material is of the finest quality, the product also comes out as the finest.
⦁    We do direct sourcing from the wild forest, organic farmer, grower, co-operative societies.
⦁    Most of the extracts we use in capsules are in house aqua based extract which increases the potency of the herb without any side effect.
⦁    We use less machinery but more human power so that the production is done in classical and traditional way.
⦁    We do not do mass production rather than industrial mass production
⦁    We procure both wild crafted and certified organic herb as per the requirement.
⦁    We provide the best quality material with affordable prices.
⦁    We procure the authentic herbs and material, Identify them.
⦁    We don’t procure any herb from fields near road sides due to prevention of chemicals and lead due to pollution.
⦁    We follow and comply with FDA, GMP and WHO requirements.
⦁    We follow the individual herb as per weather environment/soil/taste from region to region.
⦁    Fairly Traded Herbs, Ingredients, and Supply Chains
⦁    Herbs are properly segregated, ultra-cleaned, sieved, dried and then processed.
⦁    Purity and Efficacy
⦁    Sustainable Sourcing
⦁    Commitment to Excellence
⦁    All of our procedures are in alignment with industry standards and in accordance with the FDA’s cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices).
⦁    We are committed to offering high quality products and are continually making improvements to our facility, systems, and procedures.