Refund policy

At we naturally have a feeling of inner pride on delivery of the highest quality herbal products at the lowest possible prices to our clients. The moment our customer places order for our products, we take necessary action to distribute those products to the customer's door steps at the earliest possible and even after distribution of those products we earnestly wish to ensure that our clients are using those products to their fullest satisfaction and they get full value for the money.

Terms and Conditions of Return

  1. Those of the products which have neither been opened nor used by the customer can be returned by the customer within 30 days from the date of purchase in order to receive the appropriate refund after necessary adjustments.
  2. The return of the product shall be acceptable ONLY within 30 days of receipt of the product by the client and not later than that whatsoever may be the circumstances.
  3. Due to re-stocking of the products the customer shall have to bear 15% deduction of the product price paid by the customer.
  4. Besides the above-mentioned 15% deduction, there shall not be any refund whatsoever for the shipping and handling charges borne by us i.e. the cost of shipping and handling charges borne by us shall be deducted out of the refund amount to be paid to the customer.
  5. Products returned in original sealed packaging without tempering of the seal to use the products, the customer will receive a credit voucher/payment refund. The amount of this credit voucher shall be after making deduction of 15% out of the total amount of order value of the customer; deduction being as re-stocking fee. Out of the amount so arrived after 15% deduction, the whole amount of shipping and handling charges borne by us shall be reduced and the credit voucher due to the client shall be issued accordingly for the amount thus arrived.
  6. The products returned by the customer must accompany with the original packing slip, the bill in original issued by us, the serial number and date of the order placed by the customer, besides the full name of the customer so that there could be appropriate matching of the product returned with the product originally sold by us.
  7. In case of the products opened by the customer (or damaged seal product/products), the client will receive a maximum of 50% credit of the ordered value, (that also we will accept only one open bottle for each product out of each container sent and nothing more than that); and this 50% credit shall be subject to the deductions of 15% and shipping and handling charges mentioned above in detail.
  8. Customers are humbly advised that they must ensure that the products being returned are properly packaged. They must either buy the insurance cover for the return package or use the delivery confirmation service for the packet being returned. If the product is damaged when it comes back to us, we will neither legally nor morally shall be in a position to give you any amount of credit whatsoever.
  9. A maximum of three business days are taken by us after the receipt of returned goods for the refund action to be processed. Refunds/Credit vouchers are made for the very same credit card through which the payment was paid to us by the client or any other payment method adopted by the customer while making the payment.
  10. The return of the product must be sent to the address mentioned for this purpose at our website
  11. Until the returned product reaches our warehouse no refunds will be issued. Our accounts department initiates action for the refund ONLY after confirmation of receipt of the inward return.

N.B[i]:In case our customer receives a different product than the product ordered, or the product reaches them in a damaged state, then the customer must contact us through email/phone immediately after receiving your order.

N.B[ii]: In case of the raw herbs and raw herb powder, herbal mix powder, oil, etc. we are unable to offer our usual refund guarantee because of the unique and perishable nature of these type of ordered items.