Hair Health

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Package : 90 Vege Capsules, 800 mg each
Primary Uses : Hair Tonic
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Product Overview

Primary Benefits as per Ayurveda

  • As a Dietary supplement Hair Health (Hair Gain) helps to support the healthy hair along with the healthy diet plan and proper hair care.
  • As a Dietary Supplement, it acts as a unique, safe & herbal hair support supplement along with the healthy diet plan.

Other Benefits as per Ayurveda

  • It is a combination of Ayurvedic herbs which has been used in Ayurveda since time immemorial.
  • Hair Health (Hair Gain)helps to balance the excess Vata (Air) and Pitta (Fire) in the body.

Ayurvedic Herbal Formulation

Helps in the nourishment and healthy growth of hair. Checks the loss and premature graying of hair and helps stop breaking, damaging and thinning of hair by improving blood circulation to hair follicle. They boost and maintain the strength of thick, healthy and long hair.

As a Dietary Supplement

  • It is a combination of Ayurvedic herbs which have been used in Ayurveda since time immemorial.
  • Helps to support strong and lustrous hair.
  • Helps to provide nourishment to the hair follicle.
  • A combination of Ayurvedic herbs for your hair health.

As per Ayurveda

It is a natural herbal supplement that helps to support healthy hairs. Due to the presence of Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) which is called king of hairs, due to presence of Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) it helps to neutralize the unhealthy effects of daily life working stressful activities. Due to the presence of Loh bhasma (Reduced iron oxide) it helps to support healthy circulation to hair follicles. Herbs present in this also helps to balance the excess Pitta (Fire) and Vata (Air) and kapha [water] in the body. It is a unique herbal product that helps to support healthy hairs.As per Ayurveda, due to eating too much spicy, sour, salty, acidic, oily or hot food, excessive use of tea, coffee, alcohol, anger, stress, tension or depression doshas [humors] get imbalanced and get vitiated in the body. Due to vitiated vata [air] dosha gets rough and brittle. Due to vitiated pitta [fire] dosha natural color gets affected. Due to vitiated kapha [water] dosha hairs become oily. Not taking care of hair properly like washing timely, using harsh shampoo adds to this scenario. Heredity also plays an important role in all of these reasons.


High quality extracts of ayurvedic herbs from their natural habitats.

All the herbs used in this product have a safe history of usage in Ayurveda since the time immemorial. They have very unique benefits with unique herbal properties.

Combined effects of all these herbs formulated in such a way that help to bring all three Doshas (Humors) Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water) in their natural balanced state.


Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) Plant, Amalaki (Emblica Officinalis) Fruit, Black Til (Sesamum Indicum) Seed Kernel, Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia) Stem, Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) Fruit, Reduced Iron Oxide (Loh Bhasma) Powder, Vibhitaki (Terminalia Bellirica) Fruit, Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) Root, Manjistha (Rubia Cordifolia) Root, Anantmul (Hemidesmus Indicus) Root, Bhui Amla (Phyllanthus Niruri) Fruit, Punarnava (Boerhavia Diffusa) Root, Pipali (Piper Longum) Fruit, Kali Mirch (Piper Nigrum) Fruit, Saunth (Zingiber Officinale) Rhizome, Chitrak (Plumbago Zeylanica) Root.

Directions for Use

Take 1 Vege Capsule/Tablet 2 or 3 times a day with milk/soya milk/juice/water. More beneficial with milk with sweetened honey or fresh butter. Use for a long time for progressive and long lasting results


  • Intake of incompatible food items and Liquids, Heavy Substances, New Cereals, Sour Food, Use of excessive cold and hot food.
  • Pregnant/Lactating women, children or anyone with known pre-existing condition should strictly take under the advice of a healthcare provider. Keep away from the reach of children.

Best Use With

  1. For healthy hair, wash the hair with Triphala soaked in water for extra benefits.
  2. For females, use it with Femivita or MenstroCare.
  3. For healthy sleep, use it with Sleep Ez.
  4. For neutralizing the unhealthy effects of daily life, use it with “True Calm” or Stress Ez.
  5. For Vata (air) related dryness of hair – wash the hair gently with overnight soaked water of Amla Powder.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

  1. Nutritional diet and Regular sleep.
  2. Ashwagandha like herbs also help to neutralize the unhealthy effects of daily fast life.
  3. Use Amla powder for hair health.

Special Notes

Color, Taste, Aroma of the product may change from batch to batch.

This formula has been approved by the Department of Ayush/Government of India after the proper screening of scientific evidence as well as classical reference of each ingredient by the GOVT REGULATORY BOARD COMMITTEE.

Tested for quality purity and heavy metal standards.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any Disease.


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